About Us

Hello! We are glad you are here! Addy’s Tie Dye Creation’s is very much a family business. It was started by Addy, our daughter, as a school project. Addy is an amazing young lady with a giant heart. She loves animals, nature, Girl Scouts and her family and friends. She takes us all on fun journeys with her festival picks. We travel around, sell tie dye and take mini work vacations all over! Addy is homeschooled, and her adventures in tie dying are part of her schooling. She has learned so much! From math, to economics, to reading, writing, running a business, taxes, geography, history and more. She went with me to get her business license and picked out her business name. She's been involved every step of the way. She learned about each state as she shipped to them (all 50 of them now!), she learns about the culture of the areas we visit, she has learned money management and math skills beyond her years and so much more. We are so thankful for the opportunity and are excited to see where her adventures take us next.

Addy has a little brother who likes to "help" us tie dye. He is the inspiration behind her Wild Child designs. Addy will master a design and then her and I will work on shirts together to build her inventory. We tie dye about 2 days a week. Her Dad is her biggest fan, and we are so thankful for his help at the festivals. He also makes a great model when she needs one. 

Addy is thankful for her business partners! She met Shiloh while dropping off packages at the post office. Shiloh loves tie dye! She also loves creating. Shiloh is her partner with the natural wraps and is also her partner with her printed shirts. Addy will draw out designs and ideas - and Shiloh makes them come to life. We highly recommend her for your next printing needs, she's phenomenal and we are thankful to have her on the journey with us! Visit Zebra Creek for more information and to shop with Shiloh! 

Addy loves to spoil her dog, Frost. While shopping (as she always does) at a festival she purchased some super cute collars. On the way home she said, "it would be so cool if we could tie dye fabric and have them made into collars!". I agreed! What a wonderful idea! So, we reached out to Cathryn at Stitchin' Up a Storm and we are so glad she wanted to partner with us! She has a large lineup of adorable dog collars, go check her out at Stitchin' Up A Storm – Stitchin' Up A Storm (stitchinupastormva.com)