How Often do You Tie Dye?

  • We tie dye 1-2 days a week, on average. The rinsing, washing, prepping and other business aspects we work on just about daily. The business is all used as part of Addy's homeschool curriculum. 

Does Addy Tie Dye EVERYTHING?

  • Addy will master a design (with the help of other tie dye artists, YouTube, tie dye groups, help from me and exploring ideas on her own) and after she does, we both will tie and dye groups of shirts together. 

What printing process do you use?

  • Addy's business partner uses a DTF commercial printer. Her printer is environmentally friendly, with water-based inks, zero waste and is printed on biodegradable film before being heat pressed. It is a permanent print, it will not crack, fade or peel. 

Do you do customs? 

  • Yes! As we have time! Custom pricing varies by design, if you want it printed, and shirt style. Reach out for a quote and current timeline. 

Do you offer free shipping?

  • We do not. Oddly enough, it's to save you money. The cost of shipping would have to go into the products, so if you buy more than one item there would be no way to offer combined shipping. We try to keep our costs down as much as possible. 

How does your pricing work? 

  • Great question! Pricing is determined by the cost of the blank (what is being dyed), the time it takes to dye it and the printing cost. A scrunch will cost less than a more time-consuming design. We don't charge more to dye plus sized products, but they may cost more due to the cost of the blank. 

Is the dye safe for my baby or pet? 

  • Yes! It is non-toxic and baby (or pet!) safe. It's safe for all skin types and will never fade. You can find more information on our Dye Information and Process page. 

What does Addy do with her money? 

  • A large part of her money is invested back into her business. She also saves up each year to go on trips! She's been to Assateague Island, Chincoteague, Georgia Aquarium, mini beach and mountain trips and several other fun day trips with her earnings. She wants to go to Florida on a fishing trip and wants to go to Niagra Falls. We are not sure where our next adventure will be!